Shadow of the God-Emperor

Adventure Log I

The Story So Far

When Last We Met…

;;;;; Cell Omega-Four-Lambda (the PC’s cell) was tasked with finding, acquiring, securing and holding a new safehouse for a different cell in Lehrer’s coterie. They made some changes and additions to a warehouse in the industrial district. Complications: a local ‘protector’ showed up and attempted to extort money from Mallean, O4L’s hive lead. A fight ensued in which the cell emerged victorius. (Silly mobster — don’t you know not to bring a chainsword to a gunfight?)

;;;;; Derex, spotted early by the bad guys, later vowed to learn how to hide better. Eisen got a little excited and managed to miss his first shot (Against a surprised opponent. With a red-dot shotgun. From behind). Blitz was wounded in the leg; he brought a mono axe to a swordfight. Blitz did manage to take the head off the punk gangster before the little guy really figured out what was going on. Mallean showed some proficiency with Medicae when he stopped poor Blitz from bleeding to death (Omnissiah-damned organic parts!). The cell found out what Weyland carries in his bag – an Enforcer helmet. He almost got a shot off. Lady Rin managed to miss the whole thing.

;;;;; The other cell showed up and established themselves as genuine. They started getting comfortable, and their lead Acolyte showed some grudging approval for the setup. He seemed to know Weyland. Mallean told him that there might be mob/gang trouble, and told him about the fight. O4L packed up and left.

;;;;; Throne Agent Novaak had some good things to say about the cell’s performance ( +1 Influence ), and let them rest, train, and recuperate (especially Blitz) for a few weeks. In that time, they practiced the codes that Novaak had given them (hand signals, code words and phrases, challenge and response). ( Basic Skill: Cyphers (Acolyte)(Int), Basic Skill: Secret Language (Acolyte)(Int) )

;;;;; The next mission: to find and terminate with extreme predjudice the buyers, suppliers, users, and couriers of a drug called Idyll (a red-brown powder, the excretions of some xeno thing). Termination might be delayed if the heretical drug-scum were to have information on more of his/her compatriots or superiors.

;;;;; Information from Novaak revealed that the drug was already on-planet and in this hive. A shipment of 100 kilos had been traced to a known small-time criminal, an underhiver who changed residences frequently. O4L had to act quickly to catch him. Novaak gave them an underhive address and sent them off.

;;;;; The cell observed the hab for a little while, then moved in when the door was found to be unlocked. They found themselves inside a three-hab, packed tightly with cargo crates from a dozen ships, multiple cameras, and four servitors, salvaged and repurposed for combat, all “dead,” their electronic parts strangely corroded. Mallean was able to access the recordings from the cameras. The cell watched as the dealer sold someone a brick of drugs. The buyer left. A strange figure, cloaked, all pustules and sick eyes, appeared. He (?) let himself in, then glared at a camera. The recording ended abruptly. Time markings indicated that this all happened within the last 60 minutes.

;;;;; In the bedroom, light from a score of candles showed an open crate full of bags of a red-brown powder, as well as a dead body matching the pictures of the dealer. His recently-dead corpse seemed strangely decayed and bloated. His throat had been slashed a number of times, though an autopistol was still in a holster on his belt. His swollen belly bulged strangely, and his face was covered with small pustules, vaguely reminiscent of the cloaked figure’s face.

;;;;; A cursory investigation of the crate showed that some of the 100-kilo Idyll shipment was missing. Derex heard something move in the shadows. Suddenly, the corpse burst open, and a plague of insects poured out, a carpet of black and green. Four larger versions (canid-sized) of the bugs leaped out of hiding places and attacked. The swarm moved toward the closest Acolyte. Time to make some Fear checks, and some rolls for Surprise


Does anyone have anything to add?

Adventure Log I

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